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Percolate April 18, 2023

Inbox Zero: Tips for Using Gmail Filters Effectively

Until recently, my mailbox was flooded with emails. You’ve experienced this before: every day, the number of unread messages in my mailbox increases, no matter how hard I try to process them as they come in, there is one left, then two, then three. It’s endless. Even when I take the time to process my inbox every day, it never stops. There is a little bit of “Sisyphus myth”: you empty your mailbox every day, only to find it filled up again the next day.

Percolate April 17, 2023

Launching Percolate Mail

I’m releasing a new app that solves a problem that’s been bugging me for years: I’m tired of having to spend time dealing with emails, only to end up with “450 unread messages” in my inbox. So, I’ve developed an app that: Helps you organize your Gmail or Google Workspace inbox, with a recommendation system for filters that learns from your actions. Doesn’t extract any data from your device, as the engine operates entirely locally on your machine.

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