Launching Percolate Mail

Percolate April 17, 2023

I’m releasing a new app that solves a problem that’s been bugging me for years:

I’m tired of having to spend time dealing with emails, only to end up with “450 unread messages” in my inbox. So, I’ve developed an app that:

  • Helps you organize your Gmail or Google Workspace inbox, with a recommendation system for filters that learns from your actions.
  • Doesn’t extract any data from your device, as the engine operates entirely locally on your machine. There’s no OpenAI or analytics that absorbs all your emails.
  • Doesn’t change your workflow, since it’s still the same Gmail inbox. You simply organize a few emails into labels, and the app recommends filters to save you hours.

In the past few weeks, I’ve achieved (quasi) nirvana with Perpetual Inbox Zero.

All my emails are organized, and it takes me just 10 minutes to process my inbox:

  • I know which emails to prioritize,
  • Which emails I’ll read on Wednesday, my designated “paperwork day,”
  • And which folders I can “mark as read” without looking, in case I have more urgent tasks to complete.

It’s like a personal assistant learning from you and how you use your inbox.

Key Features

A Recommendation Engine

An Efficient Filter Editor

A note on Data Privacy

We don’t send any data to a third party. No OpenAI, Google Analytics, or anything. My mail on my computer, encrypted. Your mails on your computer, encrypted. (I like to sleep, and making sure you’re in control is just the best way to do this).


This is the beginning, once we go through the testing phase, we’ll work on new features, labels recommendation, probably also some fancy, OPTIONAL, AI thingies.

Percolate Mail has turned email management from a time-consuming chore into an effortless process.

👉 Click Here to Learn More About The App 👈

Here is a quick demo we’ve made on a real inbox:

Happy to share this with you,

Laurent Senta

Founder of Singulargarden, I help my customers release products without creating giant piles of code. I worry about overly-engineered software, and I hate seeing humans waste their time and energy.

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